Potential New Rules–Please Give Feedback!

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It’s a noticeable trend that certain types of posts get repeatedly downvoted here, and some post types tend to spark some very heated discussion and garner a lot of reports.

I wanted to run a few potential new rules by the community. Please provide your feedback in the comments.

  • 1) Posts with misleading titles will be asked to resubmit with a more balanced title.

For example, a post titled “cyclist gets beaten up by pedestrian,” which contains a video/article of the cyclist hitting the pedestrian and trying to flee the scene before getting beaten up. Such a post would be required to be re-titled with something like “cyclist and pedestrian get into a violent altercation.” or “cyclist hits pedestrian, gets beaten up.”

  • 2) Political posts are allowed, but must have a balanced or non-leading title. Comments are fair game for discussion.

Specifically, some recent posts had titles like “To vote for X candidate, register as Y party by date. I would propose a rule that formally requires such posts to be resubmitted with a title like “To vote in the upcoming primaries, register by date,” with the comments open for discussions on candidates.

The purpose of this rule would be to foster balanced discussion about the merits of each candidate, while preventing an echo chamber where only posts about certain candidates get upvoted.

Posts about events for specific candidates would be allowed. So you could post about dates/times/organization info for candidates.

  • 3) Posts along the lines of “plan my vacation for me please,” with little or no specific questions will be removed.

This includes posts like “I’m visiting the city for the weekend, what should I do?” or “I want to get something good to eat, what are the best restaurants in the city?”

Posts that say something like “I’m underage and visiting the city, are there any bars that don’t have a 21y age limit?” and “I am looking for the best Cuban food in Queens, what are your recommendations?” would be allowed, as they are asking specific questions that are not covered in the wiki.

What do you all think?

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