Innovative Things in New York City

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Hello New Yorkers,

I’ll be visiting NYC for approximately 4 days in the middle of September as a tag a long vacation (my girlfriend is going for work so I’m jumping aboard the free hotel opportunity) and I would love your help.

I work in the innovation space in my current role and instead of doing some of the classic touristy things in NYC (I still hope to do a couple), I want to seek out all of the innovative things that the city of New York is doing. What does that mean exactly?

The great thing about innovation is that there are so many unique and different ways people describe it. What I’d like to see in my short time there are the things that might be unique to NYC, things that NYC does better than other cities and things NYC is trying out – from an innovation standpoint.

Two things on my list to see so far include the following:

NYC High Line – I find it falls within my definition of innovation because it took something old and made it new again, reinvigorating that part of the city (at least from what I’ve read).

Driverless Cars – This is quite recent, but apparently autonomous vehicles will shuttle people around the Brooklyn Navy Yard for free. I imagine this would of course, fall into most people’s ideas of innovation.

Link –

What are some of the other things that you would deem to be innovative that I should check out?

Thanks very much for your help and looking forward to visiting NYC!

All that being said, if there is something that is a MUST see that might not be as well known, please do tell!

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