An Honest Take On New York City ball

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So I have been thinking a lot about why New York has not been able to produce elite basketball talent in the last three decades, and I think I may have an answer (hear me out).

So I came up from Western PA with the intent of visiting the Big Apple and getting in on some quality runs at the famed courts located in the bronx. However much to my dismay all I was able to witness was overly flashy, non team, basketball where passing to me was at an total minimum.

This was complete bull because trust me I know how to ball, I am a pure shooter with solid size. I even swung JV my junior year of HS, so I know my stuff.

How does this all relate to NY basketball as a whole you ask? Well, simply, the reason why you guys cant devolp talent is because all you’ll know how to play is bush leauge street ball!

All Im saying is that pickup in the bronx is a joke compared the to any YMCA in PA (esp. The western half).

I would like to hear how a native NY resident would retort to this assertion. Thanks!

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